Monday, May 18, 2009

Marti Hampton - Real Estate Agent

Discussing the current real estate market, ways to take advantage of the opportunities the market presents, but also avoid any pitfalls such as buying properties that may seem to be a great deal but really aren’t.


  1. Very good points on the real estate market Marti. I wasn't aware that Raleigh ranked so high on so many national rank lists for industry and prospective growth. This is the kind of news we need to hear more of in Raleigh! - Matt Wagner

  2. As a fellow agent in the Wake County real estate market I would concur with Marti's assessment of our area. In addition I would add that our area has been somewhat protected from the impact due to the growth and the the majority of that impact has been due to the sudden lack of relocation to our area. The growth that we were once experiencing was from this and when that came to an extreme hault that is primarily where we felt the hit. Also, the truth in her words about our area's appreciation should be noted. If you follow the majority of Wake County's appreciation you will find it to be slow and steady even through these difficult times but not nonexistent. Those that are feeling the impact are looking for past heights in prices that are no longer there however this is not necessarily a decrease overall. Much like the stock market it's not the best time to sell but it is the best time to Buy. You can't have it both ways. Take advantage of the timing for what it is. This is a time of great wealth building.