Monday, July 27, 2009

Amy Cipau - President of the NC Lung Cancer Partnership

Discussing the organization and the N.C. Free to Breathe events.


  1. Thank you for your very informative interview with Amy Cipau, president of the North Carolina Lung Cancer Partnership. Our members are grateful for your support in the fight against this number one cancer killer!
    Carol McGarrahan NC Chapter

  2. This year Justin and I will arrive at the Raleigh & Triad Free to Breathe events wearing much bigger smiles then last year, since we trust our fight has now been won! Amy and others at the NC Chapter of the Partnership have encouraged me and my husband, Justin every step of the way that we can and will beat lung cancer! When we felt like every odd was stacked against us, God sent us angles in the form of Amy, Sandy, Tomma, Taylor and so many others involved with the Partnership to give us hope; and to remind us that there are survivors, and Justin should go ahead and proudly wear that title because he is a survivor!! Diagnosed at only 28 years old in Stage IV, Justin has fought this fight with these beautiful souls right by his side following my every word in each CaringBridge journal entry. Some of them we've only met once, but some we've never met before. Yet, they’ve cried tears of sadness for us when treatments failed to stop the rapid tumor growth, and they cried tears of happiness when we finally received our miracle. They say that Justin & I inspire them, yet we want them to know that they have inspired us in more ways then they will ever know. THANK YOU! (

  3. Great Interview with Amy Cipau to increase awareness of lung cancer. Most people know someone who has been touched by this awful disease. It's imperative that funding be increased to better diagnose and treat this disease and reduce the number of deaths associated with lung cancer. Thanks for having Amy speak.

  4. Thanks to WPTF for talking about lung cancer with the North Carolina Lung Cancer Partnership! It is good to hear dialog that does not simply dismiss lung cancer as a smoker’s disease. Before being diagnosed at the age of 41, I thought breast cancer was the number one cancer killer, primarily because I heard so much about it and never anything about lung cancer. In the six years since my diagnosis, I have learned the horrifying statistics and have been fighting the stigma that plagues this disease with shame. After my treatment and surgery, I was determined to do something to make a difference. I am very proud of the group of dedicated people who work so hard at the North Carolina Lung Cancer Partnership to increase awareness and raise much needed research funds! My hope is that everyone who has ever known anyone with lung cancer sign up for one of the NC Free to Breathe® events or donates at to the NC chapter!

    Thank you for WPTF’s support,
    Sandy Oehler

  5. Thank you very much for your interview with Amy Cipau of the NC Lung Cancer Partnership. Lung cancer is a terrible killer, but there is little public awareness of it. Your help in bringing information about lung cancer and the Lung Cancer Partnership's efforts to fight the disease to the public is greatly appreciated. Please help publicize the "Free To Breathe" fund-raising walk in the fall.
    Gerald J. Postema

  6. Thank you to WPTF for allowing Amy to speak on behalf of the NC Lung Cancer Partnership. This is a very important group that needs to get more public awareness fast. Lung cancer is the #1 killer of all cancers, but is the least funded of all cancers. The public needs to be made aware that it is NOT a smokers disease and that non-smokers without any risk factors ARE at risk of developing lung cancer. It does not discriminate on age -no one is safe. There are no test to see if you are at risk -- we need research to help find these items. We need public support and awareness to help us get the funding that Breast Cancer received and made them into a household topic. The support to help make the change from being the silent killer to being one that can be identified earlier.
    Thanks again to WPTF and hope we can continue to get public support, awareness and patient/community awareness to help stop most silent killer of all - Lung Cancer. Please check out the website
    Tammy Allred, RN, OCN
    UNC Thoracic Oncology Nurse Navigator